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Blockchain initiative reports on addressing privacy
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Blockchain initiative reports on addressing privacy

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Blockchain Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Blockchain initiative releases new report that investigates blockchain's data privacy protections.

Kantara Initiative announced the release of their first report initiating the analysis of blockchain technology in regards to addressing its implications for empowering individuals and protecting individual privacy rights and personal data.

"Kantara's Blockchain and Smart Contracts Discussion Group (BSC DG) Report" discusses the use of blockchain technologies to build special-purpose identity, personal data and transaction ecosystem solutions in which individuals and organizations can interact more equitably and efficiently.

"At Kantara, we are fervent in our efforts to create solutions and processes protective of the digital privacy rights of individuals' personal data. This blockchain report begins the process to create a framework and establish a process to address the balance of power in digital transactions using personal data," said Colin Wallis, executive director, Kantara Initiative. "The report's analysis and recommendations are being used to provide Kantara's BSC DG guidelines to help it move forward to the development and implementation phases of this blockchain effort."

"Kantara's Blockchain and Smart Contracts Discussion Group Report" was produced by Kantara's 75-member BSC DG.  The report was edited by Thomas Hardjono, chief technology officer, MIT Connection Science and Eve Maler, vice president, Innovation and Emerging Technologies, ForgeRock. The report includes analysis of blockchains and contracts, access and identity management technologies, consent receipt, User Managed Access along with multiple use cases and recommendations.

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