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Mobile app testing automation software Panya Test Center v2
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Mobile app testing automation software Panya Test Center v2

Christian Hargrave Christian Hargrave in Application Testing Monday, February 5, 2018

Enterprise app test acceleration platform availability has been updated to version 2.0 to provide improved machine learning test capabilities.

Panaya announced the availability of Panaya Test Center 2.0 (PTC), a test acceleration platform that helps organizations drive innovation by accelerating and standardizing enterprise application testing. PTC 2.0 introduces machine learning capabilities that automatically create real-life test cases based on actual usage, improving testing relevance and efficiency while generating audit-ready test documentation for proof of compliance, including e-signatures.

PTC 2.0 helps IT keep pace with rapidly changing requirements while reducing testing efforts by 30-50% without sacrificing scope or quality. The testing process is accelerated by standardizing test cycles as both technical IT and business users adopt the same testing methodology, automating manual methods of testing, and providing increased visibility into every test cycle -  including large scale UAT cycles.

With PTC 2.0, users can save time by accelerating manual testing traditionally managed in Excel and Word. Every test execution is effortlessly documented - including test evidence and a record of steps for test reproduction, seamlessly engaging all relevant business and IT stakeholders as they adopt the same testing methodology. The audit-ready test documentation provides proof of compliance, including e-signatures for test runs and the monitoring of the signature process, essential for heavily regulated industries including medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and financial services.

Jake Klein, CEO at Panaya added that, “Despite the fact that IT departments invest heavily in automation, manual methods are still used for 80% of enterprise application testing. Panaya Test Center 2.0 leverages advanced technologies to replace inefficient manual methods so that our users can collaborate and create higher quality software faster, which is essential for enterprise agility and digital transformation.”


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