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A single source to organize all your APIs

aapi launches API portal platform to help developers integrate their software.

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12/5/2017 3:05:54 PM
A single source to organize all your APIs
Posted Tuesday, December 05, 2017 by Richard Harris, Executive Editor

A single source to organize all your APIs
aapi, Inc. has launched a new portal that provides a single source for developers to create API success. aapi helps programmers work with APIs by optimizing research, discovery, integration, and testing.

Using aapi's new API Portal, developers standardize their development processes while simplifying application integration, centrally managing API security, access and auditing and reducing the learning curve associated with APIs. aapi research shows that by providing everything needed for API integrations in a single platform that organizations can lower software development costs by a factor of 10 while providing developers a world-class user interface and workflow tools that will make them "haapi ."

"Before aapi, there was no real control, no standardization, and no centralization for software developers seeking the right API for their projects," said Craig Lund, chairman and CEO. "aapi changes the game by providing a single source to organize all your APIs, and provide easy integration, security, and usage data for developers, operations teams, and senior management."


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