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Prey expands mobile device management capabilities for iOS

Mobile device management solution by Prey Software has released new capabilities Apple operating systems.

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11/29/2017 4:08:50 PM
Prey expands mobile device management capabilities for iOS
Posted Wednesday, November 29, 2017 by Christian Hargrave, Assignment Editor

Prey expands mobile device management capabilities for iOS
Prey Software has announced Apple Push Certification for Prey software. Organizations now have a simple path to mobile device security and management using its connection with Apple iOS for full remote control and access to Apple laptops, iPhones, and smart devices.

Mobile Device Management for iOS requires the use of various digital certificates for its operation, and Apple’s Push Certificate streamlines the process of establishing those trusted connections for universities, enterprises, and organizations that choose to use Apple devices. Prey completed the certification agreement to leverage advanced management features of iOS, and can now apply this protocol for users seeking to implement the advanced anti-theft security features that otherwise are locked down by Apple, such as:

With a simple, straightforward workflow that can be accessed via a dedicated menu on their Online Panel, the new Apple Push Certification for Prey can quickly be completed. Their customers simply fill in the required fields and upload the form to Apple, which will deliver a single, signed certificate that can be applied to one or more Apple devices. Users can then monitor and access their devices via their Prey dashboard and make full use.

“Prey Software is committed to helping organizations secure and recover their mobile devices across all platforms and operating systems. While we support all the primary operating systems, iOS locked and limited what we could do before this certification, but now it’s simple to activate those features,” said Carlos Yaconi CEO and co-founder at Prey Software. “We’ve removed the complexity of secure mobile device management by establishing a simple process for users to establish the push certification with Apple right within Prey’s management console.

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