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Thumb Cellular signs deal with TNS

Cell phone service provider, Thumb Cellular, signs deal with telecommunications service provider TNS.

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5/17/2017 5:03:16 PM
Thumb Cellular signs deal with TNS
Posted Wednesday, May 17, 2017 by Christian Hargrave, Assignment Editor

Thumb Cellular signs deal with TNS
Thumb Cellular, a Michigan-based carrier, has signed a multi-year deal with Transaction Network Services (TNS) for a full bundle of telecommunication services.

The new agreement includes an extensive suite of roaming, clearing, messaging and signaling solutions covering Thumb Cellular’s entire network. The carrier will also utilize TNS’ fraud prevention services, which will strengthen its network and improve subscriber satisfaction.

“We’re excited to have selected TNS as our vendor partner and look forward to growing our business with their support,” said Thumb Cellular Manager Tracey Schenk. “Migrating our entire network to TNS has been a significant undertaking and a decision we did not take lightly. We are confident in their abilities and they have exceeded all our expectations. The transition has been seamless with minimal disruption to our subscribers.

“We had some unresolvable issues with our previous provider and had noted the success other rural Competitive Carrier Association members were having with TNS. We have developed a strong relationship with the TNS team and experienced first-hand the superior level of service TNS offers. This, combined with a competitively priced portfolio, makes them the ideal partner for Thumb Cellular.”

Joe Lueckenhoff, Executive Vice President and General Manager of TNS’ Telecommunication Services Division, said: “We’re delighted that Thumb Cellular has chosen to move all of its traffic away from the incumbent and will be using TNS exclusively. We are resolutely committed to ensuring support for traditional wireless and wireline requirements, while being uniquely placed to assist with upgrades to 4G and 5G solutions at a time that is right for each individual carrier.

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