1. Tricentis raises $165 million to speed up testing in DevOps
1/30/2017 10:10:25 AM
Tricentis raises $165 million to speed up testing in DevOps
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Tricentis raises $165 million to speed up testing in DevOps

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Tricentis raises $165 million to speed up testing in DevOps

Christian Hargrave Christian Hargrave in DevOps Monday, January 30, 2017

When it comes to web development, mobile app programming, or even establishing your enterprise software onto the market, there is one thing that all technology developers have in common. We all HATE having to test buggy software. I'm sure that every developer has went through the same traumatic experience at one point or another. That moment of getting so close to an early product release, only for your dreams to be dashed by the wayside of previously unforeseen bugs that you swear you've never seen before in your life.

Nobody likes bugs, and that's why a software testing tool belt is paramount for smooth sailing through all stages of the development process. This need shows true too in the numbers, because according to Nelson Hall, the global software testing market is expected to grow to be a $34 billion industry in 2017.

In the wake of an emerging software testing market, Tricentis, a Continuous Testing Company for agile enterprise organizations, has raised $165 million in Series B financing from Insight Venture Partners, a leading global private equity and venture capital firm.

Tricentis helps more than 400 companies - including HBO, Whole Foods, Toyota, Allianz, BMW, Starbucks, Deutsche Bank, Lexmark, Orange and UBS - achieve software testing automation rates of "more than 90 percent." Their software testing solution, Tosca Testsuite, has achieved 10 times the test-automation efficiency of tools that employ manual scripting in some cases. Their software was established with a Model-based Test Automation and Test Case Design approach, encompassing things like risk-based testing, test data management and provisioning, and service virtualization.

“Today’s manual software testing solutions fail to meet the needs of today’s enterprise Agile and DevOps processes, which require highly-accelerated development cycles and, at the same time, a strict accounting for the business risks associated with rapid, iterative code changes,” said Sandeep Johri, CEO of Tricentis. “Applications are drivers of corporate growth, and continuous testing has been identified as a linchpin not only to growth, but to agility and competitive leadership.”