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The Linux Foundation welcomes Hitachi as a platinum member
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The Linux Foundation welcomes Hitachi as a platinum member

Michael Haynes Michael Haynes in Open Source Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Linux Foundation has announced that Hitachi, Ltd. has become a Platinum member of the Foundation.
Hitachi has been a key supporter of The Linux Foundation and Linux since 2000 and had previously been a Gold member. The company is also a member of numerous Linux Foundation projects, such as Automotive Grade Linux, Civil Infrastructure Platform, Cloud Foundry Foundation, Core Infrastructure Initiative, Hyperledger and OpenDaylight.
Mr. Takahiro Yasui, Director, OSS Solution Center, Information and Communication Technology Business Division, Hitachi, Ltd., commented: "Deep involvement in collaborative R&D is strategic to Hitachi because it allows for the fastest possible innovation in sectors that include servers, cloud, converged applications, big data and Internet of Things. Becoming a Platinum member of The Linux Foundation helps Hitachi align as closely as possible with the open source technologies that are of essential value to our customers and the industries we serve.”
“Linux and many other critical open source projects have benefited tremendously over a span of years from Hitachi’s contributions and unwavering support,” said Jim Zemlin, Executive Director of The Linux Foundation. “Hitachi’s move to become a Platinum member of The Linux Foundation is a strong indicator of the depth of its commitment to the advancement of open source.”

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