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Apteligent and Twin Prime Wants to Help You Speed up Your Apps

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Posted Thursday, August 11, 2016 by STUART PARKERSON, Publisher Emeritus

Apteligent and Twin Prime Wants to Help You Speed up Your Apps
Apteligent is working with Twin Prime to utilize its mobile app acceleration technology that provides the ability to provide a faster, more effective mobile experience. The Twin Prime platform offers capabilities to analyze network performance and establish alternate content delivery strategies to combat network latency, which is often a cause of app slowness and source of user frustration.

By adding the Twine Prime solution, users of Apteligent in-app insights around app crashes, userflows and benchmarks can also utilize content acceleration strategies gaining visibility into wireless networks. 

“Our field results and testimonials prove that when apps load faster, all product and business KPIs such as app retention, engagement, conversion and retention increase.” said Kartik Chandrayana, cofounder and CEO of Twin Prime. “Combining forces with Apteligent to enable brands build fast and consistent apps with a near zero crash rate, and the availability to diagnose and fix bottlenecks in apps, is a win-win and provides a complete solution for mobile app owners.”


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