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Why Major US Sports Franchises Are Embracing Beacon Technology

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Posted Wednesday, August 03, 2016 by STUART PARKERSON, Publisher Emeritus

Why Major US Sports Franchises Are Embracing Beacon Technology
A new report from proximity marketing firm Proxbook titled “Proximity Marketing in Sports & Events - Q2 2016 Report,” takes an in-depth look at how the major North American sports leagues and franchises are leveraging location aware technology to increase engagement with fans and expand marketing efforts.

According to the report authors, “Beacons and proximity technologies are not only helping to sell more tickets. They are redefining how sports teams communicate with fans, increasing revenue from merchant sales as well as seat upgrades. Proximity technology also opens up brand new sources of income from enabling sponsors to interact with fans and monetize hyper-accurate visitor segments through advertising. Proximity technologies also extend the communication from sports venues to online channels by retargeting loyal fans and visitors with relevant offers and season tickets long after they have left the stadium.”

Some top stats from the report include:

1) 8,273,500 sensors deployed as of Q2 (+33%) 2) 47% of NFL, 93% of MLB, 53% of NBA and 47% of NHL uses beacon technology  3) 40x ROI to venue owners from installing beacons 4) 6x in app adoption to venue owners from installing beacons 5) 50% of the proximity industry supports Eddystone as Google invests heavily into the ecosystem


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