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7/29/2016 11:03:13 AM
Gridstore and DCHQ Merge to Offer New HyperConverged InfrastructureasaService
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Gridstore and DCHQ Merge to Offer New HyperConverged InfrastructureasaService


Gridstore and DCHQ Merge to Offer New HyperConverged InfrastructureasaService

Friday, July 29, 2016

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson

Gridstore and DCHQ have merged to launch a new company named HyperGrid. The new company will market a HyperConverged Infrastructure-as-a-Service (HCIaaS), a solution that bridges the needs of traditional and cloud-native developers with IT Operations, delivering an AWS-like environment for DevOps.

HyperGrid combines compute, all-flash storage, and networking into a single integrated system. Each HyperGrid appliance has four nodes, with three required for minimum operation. The entire solution is scalable to 256 nodes across 64 stackable enclosures.  HyperGrid  allows storage to scale separately from compute, eliminating compute sprawl.

DCHQ contributes to the HyperGrid an automated life-cycle management, governance and orchestration for containerized cloud-native and traditional enterprise applications. DCHQ technology containerizes existing traditional applications, providing enterprises with the ability to automate the deployment and management of both traditional and cloud-native applications across any cloud or container infrastructure – including Docker, Mesosphere, VMware vSphere, KVM, Hyper-V, bare metal, OpenStack, OVH, AWS, Microsoft Azure and many others. DCHQ brings complete, automated end-to-end life cycle management and governance from development to production. DCHQ offers both an on-prem and hosted PaaS solution. DCHQ’s technology currently supports over 50,000+ containers and 2000+ VMs.

HyperGrid’s platform introduces three elements to provide a Hyperconverged Infrastructure as a Service solution:

1. A Full HCI Stack with an Integrated Network Fabric and a single-pane of glass to manage everything. HyperGrid completes the infrastructure stack with 10GbE network fabric. Rack and stack the equipment, connect the red cables, blue cables, green cables, power cables and click GO. In 5 minutes, a new infrastructure is ready to provision VMs or Containers. This delivers a complete Hyperconverged Infrastructure optimized from the ground up. 

2. Infrastructure as a Service. Pricing that is provides elastic consumption based pricing per VM or Container offering a consumption based pricing similar to AWS. On-demand pricing provides the ability to scale up and pay more, and then scale down and pay less. The platform provides reserved instance pricing providing the ability to reserve resources for workloads that run over longer periods (months or years) and pay less per VM instance than on-demand pricing. 

3. Enterprise Cloud Fabric that puts the enterprise at the center of and in complete control of the Cloud which enables DevOps style deployment of Containers and VMs for both new microservice based apps and traditional three tiered applications across any public cloud (20+ public clouds today) as well as private clouds hosted by partners or on-premise on HyperGrid infrastructure. 

Read more: http://www.hypergrid.com/

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