Aquilent Expands Agile and DevOps Portfolio of Products

Posted 6/27/2016 7:42:31 AM by STUART PARKERSON, Publisher Emeritus

Aquilent Expands Agile and DevOps Portfolio of Products
Specializing in government processes, Aquilent’s DevOps and Agile solutions includes:

- DevOps tools selection and management
- Project management services
- Creative and data strategies
- Infrastructure development, administration and automation
- Cloud architecture, deployment, and administration
- UX design and development
- Unit and system test automation
- Performance and scalability test automation
- Security and network scanning automation
- Continuous delivery and deployment (CD)
- Cross-team quality assurance testing and reporting
- Metrics collection and analysis

Related technologies the company works with include:

- Agile: JIRA/Agile
- Code Review: Crucible, FishEye
- Unit Testing: JUnit, NUnit, HTMLUnit, DBUnit, PHPUnit, Mock4j, EasyMock, Mockito
- Build Automation: Jenkins, Jenkins Workflow, AWS CodePipeline, CruiseControl, CloudBees, Bamboo
- Continuous Delivery and Code Deployment: CloudBees, Go, CodePipeline, CodeDeploy, Salt, Chef, Ansible, Puppet
- Automated Testing: Selenium and Selenium IDE, Saucelabs, Browserstack, Pa11y, JMeter, ZAProxy, phantomjs, (incl. ghostdriver), Canoo Web Test
- Code Scanning: HP Fortify, xLint, FindBugs (java), RATS
- Source Code Control: Git/GitHub, Subversion

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