1. Zappar Launches New Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Creation Tools
6/1/2016 10:02:03 AM
Zappar Launches New Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Creation Tools
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Zappar Launches New Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Creation Tools

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Game Development Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Zappar has launched a new set of augmented reality and virtual reality creation tools called ZapWorks that are designed to let companies create immersive AR/VR content experiences.

The three content creation tools that make up the ZapWorks toolbox have been in development for more than five years, and was originally built to meet Zappar’s own need for AR creation tools, as the company created AR campaigns for partners like Rovio/Angry Birds, Coca-Cola, PEZ and Warner Bros.

The three modules offered in ZapWorks are:

- Widgets: Quick and simple way to create basic AR content (i.e., images, videos, contacts, etc.).

- Designer: Provides the ability to create customized, interactive AR content, including  experiences with advanced image tracking.

- Studio:  A fully scriptable, 3D toolkit for advanced users for AR and VR.

ZapWorks features include:

- Fully vertically integrated tools provide a single user interface for creating and distributing content and gathering analytics.

- Tiered, per-seat subscription with unlimited free zapcodes.

- Basic seat: $45 per month, allows users to manage codes and use the Widgets and Designer tools.

- Pro seat: $135 per month, access to the entire suite, including ZapWorks Studio, which allows users to build more advanced AR and VR experiences.

- Feature set for creating short-form content, including AR, VR, 3D model support, JavaScript actions, and single-click previewing and publishing.

- Gives the ability to publish VR content over the air without creating a stand-alone app and enduring the hassle of app store submission processes.

- In addition to augmented reality creation, ZapWorks supports the creation of virtual reality experiences for devices such as Google Cardboard. 

Read more: https://zap.works/