New Couchbase Mobile Database Platform Adds Updated Security for Apps

Posted 2/16/2016 12:05:36 PM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

New Couchbase Mobile Database Platform Adds Updated Security for Apps
Couchbase has announced the general availability of its Couchbase Mobile 1.2 NoSQL database, a new release that offers enhanced enterprise class administration and security.

Couchbase Mobile is a NoSQL database solution that delivers NoSQL to mobile. It's engineered to provide fast and consistent access to data, with or without a network connection, removing network dependency. It is comprised of three components:

- Couchbase Lite: An embedded NoSQL database that lives locally on mobile devices.

- Couchbase Sync Gateway: An internet-facing cloud component that securely synchronizes data between the mobile device and the cloud.

- Couchbase Server: An enterprise NoSQL database with elastic scalability and consistent high performance.

Among the enhancements to the solution is increased security on mobile devices by encrypting data at rest on the device using enterprise level 256-bit AES full database encryption. Couchbase Mobile 1.2 offers new management controls for adding and removing nodes and new install capabilities that simplify in place upgrades, making it easier to administer large enterprise deployments.
Couchbase Mobile 1.2 also introduces Couchbase’s new storage engine, ForestDB, in Couchbase Lite. Using ForestDB, Couchbase Lite 1.2 delivers 2 – 5x faster performance than the previous releases for database operations including inserts, updates, deletes, queries and indexing. New optimizations for memory management also provide better performance for nodes under ultra-high loads.

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