Eclipse Che Open Source Cloud IDE Now Available in Beta

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Posted 2/8/2016 9:00:40 AM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

Eclipse Che Open Source Cloud IDE Now Available in Beta
Eclipse Che, an open source cloud IDE with RESTful workspaces and Docker-based machines, is now available in beta. 

Che offers a workspace that is composed of projects and its associated runtimes, making its state distributable, portable and versionable. The platform use VMs, containers, and Web services to bring repeatability, consistency, and performance to workspaces.

Developers can use Che as a desktop IDE for any framework or programming language to take projects and runtimes anywhere with workspace portability and export to the cloud. Che can be used to host on-demand workspaces accessible by any IDE or Web app with API/SSH. 

Che’s browser IDE is built on an extensible plug-in platform that enables panels, menus, wizards, popups and tools. It offers an Orion editor experience, server-side RESTful code intellisense, and distributable workspaces. The workspace server controls the lifecycle of workspaces and can be customized with plug-ins. Any client can communicate with the workspace server and workspaces directly.

Workspaces are isolated and personal spaces for developer work. Whether developers use API, browser, CLI, or SSH within Che or their workspace, their projects are synchronized and kept consistent. Plug-ins enable service injection into workspaces based upon project type, making every workspace tailored to the projects it manages.
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