Sensor Prototyping and Development Platform for IoT from InvenSense

Posted 11/25/2015 10:01:17 AM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

Sensor Prototyping and Development Platform for IoT from InvenSense
InvenSense has released the SensorStudio graphical development tool and the InvenSense FireFly development kit, offering a sensor prototyping and development platform for Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

The InvenSense IoT development platform is centralized around InvenSense’s ICM-30630 MEMS 6-axis sensor (3-axis gyroscope + 3-axis accelerometer) with an integrated sensor framework software interfacing with an Arduino Zero board. 

With SensorStudio and the FireFly development kit, developers are able to select and evaluate the FireFly embedded features (orientation, activity tracking, gestures and more), to offer quick design and validate embedded features.

SensorStudio is a new graphical development tool originated by InvenSense to ease the development and programming of sensors and algorithms. SensorStudio provides the environment for extending and customizing FireFly capabilities, supplying standard sensor block functions derived from its sensor framework software. 

SensorStudio visually assembles elements in a logical way and accesses all the necessary visualizations to fully support the sensor fusion design cycle. SensorStudio allows developers to program and add sensors to the Sensor Framework via a documented set of APIs to control I2C, GPIO, tasks and timers, while masking the complexity of real-time OS. Using simple GUI sensors blocks, SensorStudio can be arranged in flow charts for developers to run and validate their programs, facilitating rapid prototyping and application development for IoT applications.

The hardware element of the development kit is based on the single-chip InvenSense ICM-30630, a tri-core 6-axis motion tracking solution with integrated framework software serving as a sensor hub that supports the collection and processing of data from internal and external sensors. The integrated InvenSense Sensor Framework provides an open platform for creating always-on applications, allowing companies to leverage InvenSense sensors and algorithms in order to build their own products.

InvenSense’s new FireFly development kit is compatible with Arduino hardware and GCC-based development tools. The development kit includes a fully self-contained sensor software solution with additional memory space available on chip, allowing customers to program with their own logic, creating a platform that is scalable and deployable.

The single-chip ICM-30630 is a tri-core 6-axis motion tracking solution with integrated sensor-hub framework software. It combines gyroscope and accelerometer sensors with tri-core processors (an ARM Cortex-M0 CPU, a DMP3 and a DMP4 Digital Motion Processor) in a small 3x3x1mm LGA package.

The ICM-30630 serves as a sensor hub that supports the collection and processing of data from internal and external sensors. The multi-cores are designed to offload processing from the Application Processor, thereby saving system power and improving performance.

The ARM Cortex-M0 CPU provides a low-power programmable platform for software development. The DMP3 offloads Android L processing from the CPU, and provides ready-to-use physical and virtual Android sensors. The DMP4 is optimized for fixed point processing and FFT generation, complimenting the CPU by offloading math intensive operations.

The SensorStudio and the FireFly Development Kit are available for purchase and download on InvenSense’s Developers Corner website.

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