Instart Logic Optimizes Website Access for High Revenue Customers

Posted 10/27/2015 10:06:51 AM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

Instart Logic Optimizes Website Access for High Revenue Customers
Instart Logic is releasing new optimized website experiences for retail and e-commerce websites in advance of the holiday season which include new features that use predictive algorithms and big data to improve website performance and user experience to help increase web monetization opportunities.

Instart Logic’s new One Time Cache solution helps sites acquire first-time visitors with personalized experiences, while it’s new User Prioritization allows companies to optimize revenue by predictively prioritizing users during peak traffic times. 

Instart Logic’s One Time Cache creates an optimal user experience for new site visitors, eliminating the delay visitors usually experience when loading a new website for the first time. This new feature enables Instart Logic’s service to predictively pre-load dynamically generated web pages and serve them from cache to first-time visitors. 

By avoiding the round trip back to the customer’s origin, One Time Cache can improve performance by 30 to 50 percent for first-time visits to a customer’s website and eliminate the high website drop-off rate experienced with first-time visitors.

To help retain frequent, high-value customers, Instart Logic has also announced a new performance feature called User Prioritization which predicts which users are the most valuable and prioritizes those users at peak traffic times to optimize revenue during unexpected loads.

This helps companies increase revenue under an unexpected load by controlling the percentage of end users who are able to access the site and prioritizing certain higher-value buyers above others. In the event of a traffic surge, instead of all premium customers experiencing high delays in page load times, the User Prioritization feature redirects low volume visitors to a virtual company branded “waiting room” on the Instart Logic application delivery platform while allow high revenue customers direct access to the site.

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