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MyScript Introduces Modular Handwriting Recognition Components for Web Developers

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Posted Wednesday, June 10, 2015 by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

MyScript Introduces Modular Handwriting Recognition Components for Web Developers
MyScript has introduced MyScript Web Components, offering modular pieces of code that allow developers to rapidly implement handwriting recognition in their applications. MyScript Web Components also feature a math component, providing a turnkey solution for developers who need to add math recognition to their applications.

Web Components utilize Polymer project components and MyScriptJS, an open source library that speeds up the development of handwriting interfaces for web applications. MyScriptJS supports common tasks involved in implementing the handwriting user interface, including ink capture, rendering, and requests to the MyScript Cloud recognition service. 

MyScriptJS also manages API calls, using HTTP/REST or WebSocket protocols. Code samples, API reference, and documentation are made available by MyScript to help guide developers in their implementations.

MyScript Web Components are available on GitHub and a valid MyScript Cloud account is necessary to use the Web Components. Developers can create a MyScript Cloud account for free by signing up on the MyScript Developer Program website

MyScript is hosting a webinar on June 11 to provide more information on Web Components. Click here to register.
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