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ZapMyApp's Cross Promotion Platform Offers Free In App Marketing

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4/27/2015 12:59:03 PM
ZapMyApp's Cross Promotion Platform Offers Free In App Marketing
Posted Monday, April 27, 2015 by Richard Harris, Executive Editor

ZapMyApps Cross Promotion Platform Offers Free In App Marketing
ZapMyApp is a platform to drive user installs that allows you to participate in cross promotion campaigns that tap into a large network of iOS, Android and Facebook app publishers to drive new traffic and app installs to your app. The concept is simple - you show promotional ads by other developers and they'll show promotional ads for you.
Using ZapMyApp's cross-promotion service, you can quickly see increased traffic driven to your iOS, Android and Facebook app. Cross-promotion is one of the most powerful methods of promoting an app and when using ZappMyApp, it costs you nothing. You pick the desired traffic and the platform does the rest.
To participate in the free exchange service you simply set up an account, fill in you’re your desired traffic and your website information. You will then be given a snippet of code that you place on your app. For each click you generate from your site on an exchange banner, you receive new traffic in return.
With cross promotion, you keep the costs of marketing your app down and you’ll reach an important targeted user segment – individuals who have demonstrated their potential value through their in-app engagement with another ZapMyApp platform partner.
You can learn more about the ZapMyApp platform on their website.


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