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Release of forge SDK Lets You Incorporate Group Messaging in Apps

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3/18/2015 1:00:55 PM
Release of forge SDK Lets You Incorporate Group Messaging in Apps
Posted Wednesday, March 18, 2015 by Richard Harris, Executive Editor

Release of forge SDK Lets You Incorporate Group Messaging in Apps
Acision, which provides mobile engagement services and WebRTC technology, has released the latest version of its forge SDK which now enables developers to incorporate group messaging into their mobile and web apps, as well as record and store messages, voice, video sessions and presence updates. 

Using the platform, developers can enhance the experience of their app or pioneer new services, while growing and managing engagement opportunities by implementing real-time and secure peer-to-peer, one-to-many, group communication and calls. 

The platform enables the integration with authentication services such as Facebook, Office 365, LinkedIn, Google Plus, GitHub and Janrain. Additionally, the SDK offers distinct levels of end-to-end secure messaging. 
As a self-service developer portal, forge provides access to Acision’s latest rich communication APIs and SDKs, allowing developers to integrate into their apps features such as SMS, IP messaging, push notifications, video and voice chat, as well as intelligent routing, rich media file transfer, recording and presence. 

A use case would be developers building apps for the gaming or social market, who can now bolt on group chat into any new or pre-existing service or game, without having to build this in from scratch. By using the forge SDK, developers can also add smart communication capabilities, including recording and presence, which shows when contacts are online, meaning users can customize sessions for group chat, as well as record presence updates, chat, audio and video conversations, which is particularly useful in a social or gaming environment. 

This functionality can be seen in the latest version of fuseMe by Acision v.4.0, the company’s white-label, all-in-one social app, which is built on the forge SDK and is a fully functioning reference client showcasing all the rich features available in the SDK today.
The forge by Acision portal was built to give any developer the ability to inject smart communication features into any Web, iOS and Android application, service and website, all from the cloud. Version 2.0 of the forge SDK will be coming later in 2015, and will provide developers with access to a broader set of voice and video conferencing, and telephony capabilities.


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