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Kii Launches Dedicated Platform Providing Backend Capabilities for Apps and Connected Devices
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Kii Launches Dedicated Platform Providing Backend Capabilities for Apps and Connected Devices

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Enterprise Monday, September 22, 2014

Kii, an end-to-end mobile backend provider, is launching a dedicated platform to provide backend capabilities for apps and connected devices through available through a company’s own datacenters or as a hosted cloud service with Kii. 

The platform will enable businesses to create and run mobile apps, while maintaining control over app deployment, delivery and data. Functionality includes:

- Supports organizations with regulatory or policy guidelines that do not permit off-premise hosting. 

- Supports businesses as they grow by offering speed, security and flexibility. Customers can start on a multi-tenant cloud, which can serve as a Launchpad, and then move to dedicated instances as they scale, or their customers and partners require them to run apps on-premises. 

- Ensures through the environment isolation that platform resources are dedicated to a specific customer and not shared across customers, providing scale, reliability and performance.

With Kii’s dedicated platform, both multi-tenant and dedicated options are fully managed, comprising of the same backend “stack.” This includes enterprise-grade features and development tools such as cloud storage, push notifications, user management, analytics, A/B testing and user acquisition services. In addition, customers can customize their dedicated deployment to align with their company’s brand to maintain consistency.

Read more: http://en.kii.com/


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