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New Career choices for Mobile App Developers

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1/8/2013 8:49:44 AM
New Career choices for Mobile App Developers Shot 2013-01-08 at 8.49.27 AM-20130108-084941.png
Posted Tuesday, January 08, 2013 by Richard Harris, Executive Editor

New Career choices for Mobile App Developers
While most of us app developers are fighting the good fight to get our app noticed in the app store, and monetize it the best way we know how, others are choosing a different path that can be much more lucrative.

There is still an enormous gap in the enterprise world as it relates to mobile development. The most obvious reason is because most enterprises did not see the value in mobile development yet. But as it continues to take over Information Technology in general, it's becoming very clear that it's  the direction most enterprises will need to go before 2015 in order to stay current as most users shift over to a mobile experience themselves.

So if you are a mobile app developer and have a nice resume of apps in the app store, and can sell yourself as an enterprise class developer – you likely have another option for making the mobile app development your career.


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