1. Ruxit Managed Platform Offers On-Premise Monitoring Solution
10/30/2015 2:01:19 PM
Ruxit Managed Platform Offers On-Premise Monitoring Solution
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Ruxit Managed Platform Offers On-Premise Monitoring Solution

Richard Harris Richard Harris in BlackBerry Friday, October 30, 2015

Ruxit’s new “Ruxit Managed” application performance management (APM) platform offers a new managed service that is designed for organizations that cannot deploy cloud solutions because they need to keep data on-premises. 

Ruxit Managed is an expansion of the company’s SaaS offering which offers artificial intelligence-based full-stack digital performance monitoring, combining website availability and performance monitoring, application performance management, physical and virtual server monitoring, cloud metrics and cloud monitoring.

The on-premise APM solution is targeted to industries including healthcare, banking, insurance and finance which have stringent regulatory requirements in place requiring all data to be held on-premises.

Highlights of Ruxit Managed include:

- Full Ruxit SaaS feature set while meeting company regulations or policies to keep data on-premises.

- Companies get started in minutes and have access to customizable dashboards to drill into their applications’ health metrics, without having any of their data in the cloud.

- Managed securely by Ruxit Mission Control for low TCO.

- Scales to millions of monitored entities by adding nodes dynamically.

- Multi-tenancy for providing private SaaS digital performance monitoring services on-premises.

Read more: https://ruxit.com/managed-trial/