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Has LinkedIn Set the Standard for A/B Testing
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Has LinkedIn Set the Standard for A/B Testing

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Marketing & Promotion Monday, October 5, 2015

In a recent blog post, Nanyu Chen, Senior Applied Research Engineer at LinkedIn, has provided an overview of a new, comprehensive technical paper on the XLNT Platform, LinkedIn's A/B testing platform.

XLNT was built by LinkedIn to help the company make data-driven A/B testing decisions. XLNT was designed to encompass three steps of the testing process: design, deploy and analyze. 

As Chen points out in his blog post, LinkedIn is an organization running hundreds of experiments daily with interactions posing a serious threat to experiment trustworthiness. The company uses XLNT to address its most common concerns and use cases related to interactions between experiments. 

I strongly suggest reading his blog post prior to diving in the technical paper. The paper itself is very in-depth and scholarly in nature and the blog post does a great job setting up the paper’s offerings in a more easy to digest way. But if you’re determined to do so, you can dive right into the paper itself. LinkedIn provides direct, ungated access to the 10 page document.

Read more: http://engineering.linkedin.com/blog

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