5/23/2013 3:03:58 PM
Facebook releases native share dialog for iOS developers
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Facebook releases native share dialog for iOS developers

Richard Harris Richard Harris in iOS Thursday, May 23, 2013

iOS app developers that are sharing features over Facebook have something new to cheer about thanks to the release a sharing mechanism by Facebook called "mobile share dialog", which makes it easier than ever to get share information out of your app.

Share Dialog is the newest way for people to share stories from apps. It lets apps share rich Open Graph stories and has full support for the Facebook post model including letting users tag friends and places. The Share Dialog is 100% native and offers the best user experience of any of the sharing options. Share Dialog can be used by anyone who uses your app - regardless of whether they use Facebook Login to connect an app to their Facebook account. 

100% native for a great, fast user experience
Support for sharing Open Graph stories
Does not require Facebook Login 

Apps that use the Share Dialog may choose to fall back to the Feed Dialog on devices where the Facebook app is not installed. 

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