Have you received the notice from Apple that your app is going to be removed in 30 days?

Survey results from 9/26/2016
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With iOS 10 came a slew of changes to the Apple app store. Among them is the new Apple "policing" of apps that feel are not worthy to be in their app store any longer. If they feel like your app is too "amateur", or non conducive to their new guidelines (for almost ANY reason), they will give you just 30 days to submit an update before they pull it from the store! The email most developers are getting looks something like this: Your app, "Some App name" (Some App ID), does not comply with one or more App Review Guidelines. For details, or to directly contact the App Review team, go to the Resolution Center on iTunes Connect. Have you received a message from Apple saying your app is on the bad-app list, and what do you feel about it?