7/11/2016 7:42:40 PM
Axway's Secure Email and File Sharing Solution Now Available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace
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Axway's Secure Email and File Sharing Solution Now Available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Enterprise Monday, July 11, 2016

Axway has announced that its secure email and file sharing solution, Axway MailGate Secure Collaboration (SC), is now available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace providing the ability to control cloud-based, hybrid, or on-premises email and file-sharing. 

The content management capability of Axway MailGate SC allows high-security access to critical data via different devices, including mobile. Companies can utilize either a full-cloud or hybrid architecture. In addition to its availability on Microsoft Azure, Axway MailGate SC can now integrate with Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Exchange.

The platform offers the following capabilities:

- Enable secure file sharing with Axway DropZone.
- Prevent outbound data loss and leakage with automated content filtering, policy enforcement, and gateway-to-gateway encryption.
- Centralize email security management.
- Enable secure email and file sharing on mobile devices.
- Reduce network congestion and enhance employee productivity with virus protection, anti-spam filtering, and defense against dark traffic.
- Universally enforce policies that protect confidential information and intellectual property, and ensure compliance with government regulations and corporate policies.
- MailGate SC supports comprehensive email security infrastructures for large enterprises.
- Email encryption and secure folder sharing.

Axway MailGate SC is available via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace through a subscription-based model in 32 countries, with global availability coming soon. 

Read more: https://www.axway.com/en/datasheet/axway-mailgate-...