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Mark Wilcox

Mark Wilcox

Mark has over 13 years of experience in mobile software across a variety of roles, however, he got his first computer at 4 years of age and wrote his first program at 7. He will probably always be a developer at heart. Armed with a Masters degree in Mathematics and a love of gadgets he decided mobile computing looked like a promising industry. Always slightly ahead of the market, he got started with an early GPRS protocol stack implementation. Rapid digital convergence provided opportunities to work on almost every aspect of a mobile device software stack at Panasonic, Fujitsu, Ericsson, Nokia and Samsung. He then got started in app development a little too early and wrote two technical books to help other developers.

Joining the ill-fated Symbian Foundation he had the fascinating opportunity to watch an industry being disrupted from the inside; both in a technical marketing role, interacting with OEMs and developers and as a Technology Manager working with silicon vendors. In the aftermath of Symbian's death he had a brief (and much more successful) return to independent app development before joining a startup mobile specialist agency where he ran engineering teams building apps and websites across all platforms.

A growing interest in economics and business models has led him to work with VisionMobile as a Business Analyst, whilst still keeping his development skills up to date on independent development and consulting projects. His breadth of technical knowledge combined with strong data literacy and writing skills leave him ideally placed to make in-depth analyses of the latest tools and technologies.

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