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Keshav Kamble

Keshav Kamble

Avocado Systems Co-founder, CTO and VP of Engineering, Keshav Kamble has more than 20 years of experience in enterprise and Data Center connectivity solutions. His experience includes various technology and management positions with Network Peripherals Inc., Rapid City / Bay Networks, Nortel Networks / Alteon System, Infineta Systems, Blade Networks Technologies and IBM. Prior to acquisition, Keshav was a Chief Architect at Blade Networks. At IBM STG CTO office, he was responsible for next generation connectivity technologies for secure and virtualized data center infrastructure. Keshav holds more than 153 Patents in Data Center Security, Networking, Storage Virtualization and Hadoop in the US, EU and Japan. He has a BS in Computer Engineering from Amravati University, India and a MS in Computer Networking and Data Communications from Bombay University (VJTI), India. Now, at Avocado Systems, Kamble and his Avocado team are championing an entirely new approach to Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP).

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