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Zubin Irani

Zubin Irani

Zubin Irani is co-founder and CEO of cPrime, a full-service consultancy that implements Agile transformations and delivers Agile solutions for more than 50 Fortune 100 firms and many of Silicon Valley's biggest employers. Under Irani's leadership, cPrime has consistently been ranked among the fastest growing companies in the Bay Area and rated one of its best employers. To enable cPrime to build more innovative products and Enterprise IT solutions for clients faster, Irani oversaw cPrime's 2014 strategic merger with Alten Group, a $1.6 billion European technology consulting and engineering firm.

Irani's previous experience at Deloitte and DirecTV included management of a wide variety of application deployments with complex back-end integration on projects ranging from 5 to 400 team members and $100,000 to $120 million budgets. He holds an Executive MBA from Columbia University and University of California, Berkeley, and a Bachelor's degree from University of Southern California. He grew up in England and California.

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