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Josh Cline

Josh Cline

Joshua Cline is a business strategist and marketing expert who helps companies of all sizes reach their business goals. As President and CEO of The Cline Group and with over 15 years of global strategic business and marketing experience, Josh has helped more than 150 companies to develop and execute strategic plans and reach their business goals.Known professionally as a leader in the start-up and emerging business space both in the US, Israel and abroad and as one of the leading marketers within the Israeli and global startup world. Josh founded The Cline Group in 2007 as a response to the immediate need for an integrated-marketing firm that provides both outbound and inbound marketing. Josh’s philosophy is a top down approach that looks first at the business objectives, then marketing plan, then channels—rather than typical PR or digital firms that give you a result and sees if it trickles up.

Josh’s professional portfolio includes launching international brands, expanding marketing and communications in global markets, positioning companies for funding, mergers and acquisitions and raising notoriety for non-profits that are actively making a difference in their communities. He focuses on marketing initiatives that build business, propel growth, and make shareholder value translucent.

Josh is also founder of Cline Ventures, easily stage private angel fund and has over a dozen companies within his portfolio.

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