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App Developer Magazine is a US Library of Congress registered media company (ISSN 2572-3421) and stands as a leading media outlet dedicated to offering in-depth coverage and insightful analysis on a wide array of topics relevant to app developers operating within various platforms including iOS, Android, Gaming, IoT, Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR). As a prominent voice in the app programming and software technology landscape, App Developer Magazine prides itself on delivering the latest news, trends, and updates that are critical for developers seeking to innovate and excel in the ever-evolving app development industry. Through its extensive reporting and expert commentary, the magazine aims to empower developers with the knowledge, tools, and inspiration needed to navigate the complexities of creating cutting-edge applications. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out, App Developer Magazine provides a rich source of information that supports your journey towards developing exceptional digital experiences.


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- Richard Harris, Founder and Executive editor
- Austin Harris, Global Sales
- Michael Haynes, Associate Editor
- Brittany Hainzinger, Social Editor
- Freeman Lightner, Marketing Editor
- Christian Hargrave, Publishing Editor
- Ron Beaman, Writer
- Russ Scritchfield, Writer
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App Developer Magazine started in 2012 as an idea to bring a dedicated media outlet to app developers. The concept was created by our founder and editor Richard Harris, who is also the founder of his own successful app studio - Moonbeam Development, which has built over 200 mobile apps, including some top 10 app store hits.

While researching mobile related topics on the web, it was obvious there was a black-hole void in industry for app developer related news and content. Rich knew what needed to happen and had the design and programming chops to pull it off. But knowing it needed the just right approach before the first line of code was written, he contacted a publishing friend.

In mid 2012, Rich reached out to a client of Moonbeam's who just happened to also run a successful publishing company as well, (Stuart Parkerson) to pitch the idea of the new magazine, and to gain his buy-in. Soon after, Richard and Stuart formed a new partnership to bring App Developer Magazine to the world, and started to form up the basis of the original website, along with the first issue of the magazine.

The first official issue was brought to the Apps World Event at the Moscone Center in San Francisco during early 2013, and was received with warm praise by everyone in attendance. Early backers included Airpush, Marmalade, Corona, Startapp, Mobclix, AppsFire, and several others that all believed in the same vision we did, of providing a dedicated media outlet to the app developer community - it was our first big break.

Today App Developer Magazine continues to grow and mature along with the mobile software industry itself. Richard still serves as Executive Editor, and now his son Austin Harris is our Global Sales Director.

While many things have changed since the beginning, one thing has not - our passion to provide a dedicated media outlet for app developers everywhere.

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