11/30/2016 9:02:12 AM
Core Security is making the password reset process self-service, faster and simpler
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Core Security is making the password reset process self-service, faster and simpler

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Security Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Core Security announced the release of Core Mobile Reset 1.0 and Core Access Insight 9.2. With the introduction of these solution updates, enterprise security teams will now be able to resolve immediate threats with prognostic analytics applied to the big identity and access data, while also enhancing organizational efficiency.

Ineffective password management is a significant burden to most organizations, resulting in increased costs and security risks. Core Security’s Mobile Reset authentication solution provides customers with greater efficiency by streamlining the password reset process on users’ mobile devices. Specifically, Core Mobile Reset provides organizations with:

- Self-Service: Allows users to manage their password reset when needed and unlock accounts easily using their mobile devices. 

- Save resources: Reduce password reset calls into help desks through the use of self-service password management capabilities. Enterprise can now achieve a rapid ROI by reducing service call volume up to 80%. 

- Receive intuitive reporting: Provides the ability to report on enrolled users and details on their account unlocks and resets. A searchable audit trail can be created for all password reset interactions to prove compliance. 

- Secure authentication: Using advanced authentication, users can securely reset their password by fingerprint and/or answering a personal verification question through a mobile app, SMS text or voice biometrics.