9/6/2016 3:50:04 PM
Appodeal Now Offers Ad Mediation Based on Predicted Performance for Non-Programmatic Ads
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Appodeal Now Offers Ad Mediation Based on Predicted Performance for Non-Programmatic Ads

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Monetize Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Appodeal has announced a new AI Prediction Engine feature as part of their programmatic ad mediation services. The new tool is designed to help mobile app publishers receive bids for inventory based on predicted ad conversion rates for non-programmatic ads. 
Pavel Golubev, CEO, Appodeal commented, “Non-programmatic buyers do not make bids based on impressions; they pay for conversions only. Appodeal’s new AI Prediction Engine supports this model, creating bids for publishers based on conversion probability for in-app ads.”

The Appodeal AI Prediction Engine tool analyzes mobile user behavioral data to predict the probability of an impression converting to an actual app install. For example, if a publisher gets paid $2 per install and the probability of conversion is predicted to be five percent, the price of impression can be calculated as $ .10. The AI Prediction Engine can create these “bids” for non-programmatic ads at scale.

In addition to helping publishers tap into the non-programmatic market, an additional benefit is that in-app ads become much more effective and targeted, helping to optimize revenue generation while maintaining strong user experiences.

Read more: https://www.appodeal.com/


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