Apigee Releases New API Management Platform for Digital Commerce

Posted 8/25/2016 1:02:18 PM by STUART PARKERSON, Publisher Emeritus

Apigee Releases New API Management Platform for Digital Commerce
Apigee has released the Apigee Commerce APIx platform, a software accelerator designed to help companies that are selling products online facilitate their API-powered digital commerce initiatives. The Commerce APIx offers a set of open-source, ready-to-use digital commerce APIs and a developer portal to help companies build a modern digital commerce program. 
Commerce APIx is built on Apigee Edge API management software which provides API security, API analytics, and developer on-boarding capabilities. The platform helps business create APIs that help support e-commerce experiences, connect with users on mobile and social channels, and retain customer loyalty. The new Commerce APIx solution offers the following capabilities:

- A commerce-specific developer portal with API documentation and tools.

- A collection of pre-configured API proxies for commerce APIs that support core retail functions, including categories like Core (authentication, product, collection search and cart), Engagement (promotions, recommendations and personalized product search) and Fulfillment.

- Commerce APIs that can be consumed by mobile apps, web apps and other APIs, built in a RESTful architectural style with data represented in JSON.

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