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Orasi Software Announces New Delphix Service Program

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6/20/2016 12:46:47 PM
Orasi Software Announces New Delphix Service Program
Posted Monday, June 20, 2016 by Stuart Parkerson, Global Sales

Orasi Software Announces New Delphix Service Program
Orasi Software has created a new comprehensive Delphix service program for enterprise software teams engaged with SAP. Consulting and assistance is available for organization-wide deployment and adoption of Delphix data virtualization software as well as for user training and platform migration, including SAP HANA and SAP ASE migration.

With the new program Orasi will help companies deploy and master Delphix software to mask, virtualize and distribute consistent, high-quality data across multiple testing groups and projects.

Benefits for SAP enterprises who are implementing Delphix for their SAP efforts include:

 -Eliminate 50% to 75% of SAP system refresh time.

 -Refresh databases of any size (often 10 plus TB) in minutes.

 -Enable near-instant “rewind” of QA and training databases for dramatically shorter cycle times.

 -Eliminate 90% of data storage requirements through SAP system data virtualization.

The announcement will help companies take advantage of the recent release of Delphix 5.0 which provides greater SAP functionality. The platform’s data-masking feature incorporates a new capability, Selective Data Distribution, that masks sensitive data in a production zone and then replicates the masked data directly to all non-production target environments. This enhancement will foster greater agility and security while protecting sensitive data and reducing organizational exposure to liability. 

The new release also provides expanded support for Oracle E-Business Suite and IBM DB2. Delphix 5.0 enables fast deployment of space-efficient EBS environments with multi-node application tiers, allowing customers to dramatically reduce upgrade, patching, and customization cycles. The support for DB2 on IBM AIX and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, delivers, manages, and secures virtual data to accelerate projects for business-critical applications running on DB2 databases.


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