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Confluent Provides Updates to Apache Kafka Streaming Data Platform

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6/9/2016 10:02:24 AM
Confluent Provides Updates to Apache Kafka Streaming Data Platform
Posted Thursday, June 09, 2016 by Stuart Parkerson, Publisher Emeritus

Confluent Provides Updates to Apache Kafka Streaming Data Platform
Confluent has released the latest version of its open source streaming data platform built on Apache Kafka. The new release of Confluent Platform 3.0 introduces Kafka Streams, a lightweight solution to real-time processing designed to support highly responsive applications. With Kafka Streams, developers can build core streaming applications such as fraud and security monitoring, Internet of Things (IoT) operations and machine monitoring, with code that is distributed and reliable. 

As a solution to real-time processing, Kafka Streams is a stream processing layer that provides a new, native streaming development environment for Kafka. Developers will be able to utilize a library for building distributed stream processing apps using Kafka.

Kafka Streams functionality includes:

- Supports stateful and stateless processing; distributed processing and fault tolerant; no downtime rolling deployments.

- No dedicated cluster required; no message translation layer; no external dependencies.

- Allows for late arrival of data; processes one event at a time; doesn’t microbatch messages like other stream processing solutions; windowing with out-of-order data.

Confluent Platform 3.0 also features Confluent’s first commercial product, the Confluent Control Center, that operationalizes Kafka across an organization offering a comprehensive management and monitoring system for Apache Kafka.


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