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CA Technologies Releases Updates to Identity and Access Governance Solution
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CA Technologies Releases Updates to Identity and Access Governance Solution

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Analytics Friday, May 13, 2016

CA Technologies has announced the latest release of CA Identity Suite, the company’s identity and access governance solution. Updates to the CA Identity Suite add real-time analytics as well as new personalization and mobility capabilities. Also new are pre-configured deployment scenarios.

CA Identity Suite offers identity management and access governance capabilities for business users through a self-service console that offers identity and entitlement data in a common business language, as well as a shopping cart experience for requesting access to new systems. The CA Identity Suite also offers administrative features for IT users that help minimize administrative overhead and improve audit and compliance performance via centralized policy enforcement. 

The latest release offers new personalization options which allow users to control how information is displayed and provides the option to take the workload offline for review and decision-making. Mobile support allows users to do everything they can do at their desk on their mobile device, including make access requests and manage the user lifecycle.

CA has also has pre-configured the most common identity and access governance business user scenarios. The out-of-the-box configurations give customers a jump-start to help speed deployment, whether it’s contractor lifecycle management (onboarding, termination), employee lifecycle management (modification, user type conversion) or user self-service.

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