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11/18/2015 8:01:34 AM
With TrulySecure 2.0 Developers Can Move Beyond Thumbprint Recognition
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With TrulySecure 2.0 Developers Can Move Beyond Thumbprint Recognition


With TrulySecure 2.0 Developers Can Move Beyond Thumbprint Recognition

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson

Sensory has released TrulySecure 2.0, the next generation of the company’s FIDO Certified multimodal biometric authentication technology. This latest release builds on Sensory’s two decades of implementing platforms which enhance user experience and security for consumer electronics by incorporating state-of-the-art neural networks and machine learning principles in speech recognition and biometrics technologies.

TrulySecure 2.0 fuses the two biometric modalities of face and voice, building on Sensory’s strengths in speech processing, computer vision, neural networks and deep learning to offer a user-friendly, secure and accurate multimodal authentication technology ideal for applications ranging from device unlock, application login and mobile payments. 

Additionally, Sensory has announced a new TrulySecure partner program that provides a significant discount and additional benefits to app developers interested in trying, testing or deploying apps featuring TrulySecure 2.0 biometric authentication.

Todd Mozer, CEO of Sensory commented, “TrulySecure 2.0 takes biometric verification to a whole new level and showcases Sensory’s strong ability to offer biometric solutions that offers a seamless user experience and provide virtually impenetrable security against hackers and identity theft without sacrificing convenience or adding undue system costs.”

Consistent with the standards set by the FIDO Alliance, TrulySecure is an on-device biometrics authentication solution that does not require a cloud connection. On-device biometric solutions are preferred for personal authentication due to their high security and reliability compared to centralized or cloud based systems, which are vulnerable to hackers and unusable in low-signal/no Internet environments. TrulySecure further safeguards each user’s privacy by encoding digitized representations for matching that cannot be reverse engineered or reused.

“Sensory reaps the benefits of its long history of innovation in device-based biometrics and speech technologies. TrulySecure 2.0 continues to leverage early deployment of neural net technology for high accuracy in mobile phones and embedded devices” said Dan Miller, Lead Analyst at Opus Research.

TrulySecure 2.0 offers multiple advantages over single modality biometric technologies including:

- Cross platform and deployable on the widest variety of existing and new devices (no special sensors required).

- Easy to use interface without any need to tap a screen, swipe a finger, or carefully position an eye.

- Fast 10 second user enrollment process and less than 1 second to authenticate.

- Deep learning improves biometrics performance with use.

- Robustness to environments with poor lighting or high noise.

- Anti-spoofing techniques such as motion analysis and skin texture analysis to help keep the bad guys out.

TrulySecure 2.0 consistently and reliably matches the correct user in more than 98% of transactions while keeping out imposters 99.999% of the time, as shown in tests leveraging real-world data collected from thousands of actual users operating a variety of devices in a variety of environments.

Darrell Geusz is the founder of the ID Trust Network and a veteran identity subject matter expert. In relation to the announcement he commented, “We recently assessed Sensory’s TrulySecure 2.0 technology and accredited Sensory’s testing results for enrollment and verification, and were left very impressed.” 

He continued, “Sensory’s implementation of multiple techniques for combining different biometric modalities delivers high accuracy and novel user flexibility. We were very pleased that Sensory’s testing incorporated a large set of real world data collected from a much larger variety of devices and uncontrollable operating environments. This really sets Sensory apart from their competition, and allows us to confidently say that Sensory meets or exceeds industry requirement for biometric accuracy.”

For developers interested in integrating advanced biometric authentication into their apps, Sensory is offering a specially priced “Starter Partner Program” to kick start integration of the technology. Developers will get access to the TrulySecure 2.0 SDKs, receive support and can get up to 10,000 unit licenses. SDKs for TrulySecure 2.0 from Sensory are available immediately for Android, Mac OS, Linux and Windows by contacting sales@sensory.com.

Read more: http://www.sensory.com/products/technologies/truly...

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