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Has LinkedIn Set the Standard for A/B Testing?

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10/5/2015 12:04:18 PM
Has LinkedIn Set the Standard for A/B Testing?
Posted Monday, October 05, 2015 by Richard Harris, Executive Editor

Has LinkedIn Set the Standard for A/B Testing?
In a recent blog post, Nanyu Chen, Senior Applied Research Engineer at LinkedIn, has provided an overview of a new, comprehensive technical paper on the XLNT Platform, LinkedIn's A/B testing platform.

XLNT was built by LinkedIn to help the company make data-driven A/B testing decisions. XLNT was designed to encompass three steps of the testing process: design, deploy and analyze. 

As Chen points out in his blog post, LinkedIn is an organization running hundreds of experiments daily with interactions posing a serious threat to experiment trustworthiness. The company uses XLNT to address its most common concerns and use cases related to interactions between experiments. 

I strongly suggest reading his blog post prior to diving in the technical paper. The paper itself is very in-depth and scholarly in nature and the blog post does a great job setting up the paper’s offerings in a more easy to digest way. But if you’re determined to do so, you can dive right into the paper itself. LinkedIn provides direct, ungated access to the 10 page document.
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