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Open Source and Enterprise App Development

Thursday, August 13, 2015

To open source or not to open source, that is the question for many IT teams that are struggling with deciding on the best approach to mobile application development. There is no doubt that today’s broad array of open source offerings appear to offer development nirvana – free, community driven, customizable software.

However, with all the potential of open source platforms, there are both positives and negatives that developers need to keep in mind when going down the open source road. To help developers start the conversation, Nexaweb has created a new guidebook “Open Source in the Enterprise: What Every Development Team Should Know Before Starting Their Next App”.

The publication digs deep into specific pros and cons to open source platforms. For example, one of the obvious pros is cost - as most open source offerings are available at no cost. The associated con? Cost as well – as “no cost” may not be exactly free - as you may end up spending huge amounts of resources learning, implementing and maintaining an open source implementation.

You can read the full publication at the Nexaweb website.

Read more: http://resources.nexaweb.com/nexaweb-open-source-w...


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