2/26/2015 7:46:27 PM
New Instart Logic Service Optimizes How HTML and JavaScript Code Are Loaded in Browsers
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New Instart Logic Service Optimizes How HTML and JavaScript Code Are Loaded in Browsers

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Programming Thursday, February 26, 2015

Instart Logic has launched its new SmartSequence service, a technology that leverages machine learning to optimize how HTML and JavaScript code are loaded in browsers. The SmartSequence technology with new JavaScript streaming and enhanced HTML streaming can improve web performance and customer experiences by making intelligent delivery decisions through real-time learning. 

SmartSequence leverages a cloud-client architecture designed for multi-cloud and multi-client environments. Its machine learning technology accelerates JavaScript and HTML, enabling browsers to load only the code that’s needed which greatly reduces download size and speeds up performance. 

Past approaches to optimizing HTML and JavaScript have lived in the cloud only and without an understanding of how the code is actually executed by real end user browsers, developers have been limited to tricks like minification (removal of whitespace, comments, and shortening of variable names) that have offered small incremental benefits on web performance.

The new SmartSequence service watches user behavior to instrument code and learn which code is most frequently used. For JavaScript Streaming, it downloads only what a web page or web application needs, while ignoring unused or dead code. For HTML Streaming, it determines which portions of dynamic HTML are common across all users and sends them in advance. SmartSequence can also learn which sections of the are dynamic versus static and patch in dynamic data as needed.

Instart Logic’s new SmartSequence technology, coupled with a cloud-client architecture, allows the software-defined application delivery (SDAD) service to gain a unique understanding of how users' browsers actually consume and execute dynamic HTML and JavaScript code. By learning how code is consumed on an ongoing basis across real end users, the service can intelligently deliver only the code that the browser needs – when it needs it – versus the traditional approach of sending everything up front, including code that is never used.

SmartSequence is part of Instart Logic’s software-defined application delivery platform which is designed to provide enhanced speed, security and scale. Instart Logic’s Performance Suite with SmartSequence technology, JavaScript Streaming and HTML Streaming pricing starts at $5,000.

Read more: http://www.instartlogic.com/technology

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