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HP Expands Testing for Mobile and Cloud based App Delivery and Development

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3/18/2014 9:44:14 AM
HP Expands Testing for Mobile and Cloud based App Delivery and Development
Posted Tuesday, March 18, 2014 by Stuart Parkerson, Global Sales

HP Expands Testing for Mobile and Cloud based App Delivery and Development
HP has announced several new offerings to accelerate mobile and cloud-based testing and improve user experience while increasing cost savings and quality for the delivery of business-critical applications and services. 

To help organizations drive quality, performance and velocity into their mobile, cloud, hybrid and traditional applications, HP is unveiling new versions of the products within its HP Application Lifecycle Management portfolio. The new software offerings help enterprises improve planning and development, shrink testing costs and speed the delivery of applications while continuously reducing potential business disruptions. 

Performance Testing from the Cloud: HP LoadRunner 12 and HP Performance Center 12

To help improve continuous performance testing for capacity, scalability and reliability, HP is introducing HP LoadRunner 12 and HP Performance Center 12 with new cloud testing capabilities designed to help organizations.

Increase cost savings are gained with instant access to large-scale load-generation capabilities in the cloud. Enterprises can scale performance-testing resources on flexible cloud platforms based on business and geographic demands. 

Shrink overhead through an integrated management environment that automates provisioning of load generators in the cloud across geographically dispersed teams while maintaining security and control.

Business disruptions are reduced by focusing testing efforts and improving test results with enhanced DevOps capabilities for an end-to-end performance application life cycle. This is achieved through continuous integration with developer tools such as Jenkins and integration with production monitoring tools such as Google Analytics.  

Detect and remediate performance issues before they become costly to the organization by integrating load testing earlier in the Agile development life cycle.  

Expand Mobile Application Testing

HP’s new functional and performance testing products are designed to help enterprises embrace mobile testing by enabling faster delivery of engaging applications without jeopardizing quality.

Developers can run field tests on mobile devices to extend quality assurance to offline scenarios. A new suite of mobile applications built on the HP Anywhere Enterprise Mobility Platform enable access to test scripts and allow test results and defects to be easily uploaded into HP Application Lifecycle Management and HP Quality Center Enterprise while the tester is on the go. 

Testers are empowered to manually test mobile applications faster and eliminate defects that impact mobile application functionality more efficiently with HP Sprinter for Mobile.

Delays and constraints are removed that impede fast-moving mobile application delivery teams by identifying potential performance issues early with HP Service Virtualization 3.5. By integrating service and network virtualization on the same platform, teams can test the behavior of virtual services on realistic network conditions.   

Enrich the User Experience to Deliver Quality Applications: HP Application Lifecycle Management 12 and HP Quality Center Enterprise 12

To help organizations successfully deliver the experiences their employees, customers and partners expect, HP offers HP Application Lifecycle Management 12 and HP Quality Center Enterprise 12, which now deliver new features.

A simplified and intuitive user interface (UI) design is accessible across browsers and mobile devices, helping IT organizations become more effective and efficient at delivering business-critical applications. 

New requirements definition and management features provide a comprehensive Word-like authoring environment with full traceability throughout the application life cycle. Integration with HP Agile Manager enables critical alignment between business requirements definition and Agile development processes. 

HP Unified Functional Testing 12 also helps IT organizations adopt and apply functional test automation more efficiently to meet the quality needs of distributed and Agile teams. 
Potential errors are eliminated by integrating quality assurance earlier into application development. Extended support for technologies including Safari, and API testing enhancements enable quicker release cycles.

Reduced costs are achieved by simplifying test automation with HP Business Process Testing 12 embedded in the UI. This enables users to create automated tests that can be instantly transformed into reusable business components directly from the same application. 

Organizations can test more efficiently and continuously with direct integrations into HP Application Lifecycle Management and HP Quality Center Enterprise for enterprise test management and continuous integration solutions.

HP Enterprise Mobile Solutions

“Mobility and cloud challenge organizations to balance time-to-market demands while delivering engaging user experiences that separate them from the competition,” said Bernd Schlotter, senior vice president, application delivery management, Software, HP. “By integrating performance and functional testing capabilities earlier into the application life cycle, HP empowers organizations to deliver the innovative mobile, cloud and hybrid software applications that are the engines of business growth with unprecedented velocity and uncompromised quality.” 

To accelerate adoption of the new solutions, HP offers a full set of professional services, on-premises or Software as a Service (SaaS) - based delivery models, an extensible community with HP LiveNetwork and educational services via the HP Adoption Readiness Tool. 

The HP Application Lifecycle Management 12, HP Quality Center Enterprise 12, HP Performance Center 12, HP LoadRunner 12, HP Unified Functional Testing 12, HP Sprinter for Mobile and HP Business Process Testing 12 are available worldwide from HP and its ecosystem of worldwide channel partners.

HP Service Virtualization 3.5 is expected to be available at the end of March 2014. 

HP Application Lifecycle Management 12, HP Quality Center Enterprise 12, HP Performance Center 12, HP Unified Functional Testing 12 and HP Business Process Testing 12 are expected to be available for SaaS environments starting in April 2014. 

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Additional information about HP Application Lifecycle Management offerings is available at here


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