Good Technology Makes Enhancements to its Good Dynamics Security Mobility Platform, Part of its Enterprise Mobile Solution Services

Posted 11/20/2013 1:35:44 PM by STUART PARKERSON, Publisher

Good Technology Makes Enhancements to its Good Dynamics Security Mobility Platform, Part of its Enterprise Mobile Solution Services
Companies that have integrated Good Dynamics Security Mobility Platform will benefit from the introduction of Good Dynamics Direct Connect, which provides enterprise developers the ability to address data privacy concerns and facilitates compliance with national and international data protection regulations by allowing organizations to keep application data within national and/or corporate boundaries.

Direct Connect gives companies control over how and where they route application data, providing a new level of flexibility using the Good Technologies platform. Once the initial activation is complete, Direct Connect enables the data to pass directly from mobile devices to/from the corporate network via a secure connection rather than passing through the Good Dynamics Network Operations Center (NOC). The NOC stills manages authentication, but all subsequent app data flows directly to the enterprise, resulting in faster connections, as well as greater control.

The new deployment option allows organizations to route app data directly to the enterprise via a DMZ-based proxy server with which the Good Proxy server maintains a secure connection. App data remains under corporate control, flowing directly to and from the corporate network and within specified boundaries. Because of reduced data round-trips, this configuration can support apps that require low latency (e.g., video streaming). The decreased round-trip path also improves app refresh time and performance, contributing to a better user experience.

Good is also announcing Good Dynamics Enterprise Single Sign-On. Once logged into any Good-secured app, users can access designated behind-the-firewall enterprise resources without having to ever enter enterprise login credentials on their mobile devices. Enterprise Single Sign-On allays any security concerns that the business might have about corporate credentials being saved or cached to mobile devices, as those credentials never leave the corporate network.

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