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Posted on Saturday, December 2, 2023 by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

As the calendar pages flip towards a new year, the tech world buzzes with anticipation. It's that time again – App Developer Magazine's eagerly awaited 8th Annual Predictions Issue is just around the corner, and we're calling on all you visionaries in the app and software industry to share your foresights!

A Tradition of Insight and Innovation

For the past seven years, our Annual Predictions Issue has been a beacon, guiding professionals through the evolving landscape of app and software development. It's not just a magazine issue; it's a compilation of ideas, a convergence of minds, and a glimpse into the future as envisioned by you – the trailblazers of the tech world.

Why Should You Contribute?

1. Showcase Your Expertise: This is your platform to exhibit your insights and knowledge. Let the industry hear your voice!

2. Network and Connect: Engaging with our publication puts you in the spotlight, making you more visible to peers and potential collaborators.

3. Influence the Industry: Your predictions can shape the thinking and direction of app and software development for the upcoming year.

What Are We Looking For?

Innovative Ideas: From AI to VR, cloud computing to cybersecurity – if you've got an idea about what's next, we want to hear it.

Market Insights: Understand where the market is heading? Share your analysis on emerging trends and consumer behaviors.

Tech Breakthroughs: Predict the next big thing in technology. Whether it's a groundbreaking app or a revolutionary software solution, let us know your thoughts.

Challenges and Solutions: Discuss the potential challenges the industry might face and propose your solutions.

How to Submit Your 2024 App and Software Industry Predictions 

To submit your predictions, go to our 2024 Predictions Submission page


Submission Deadline

The clock is ticking! Make sure to submit your predictions by **December 31st to be considered for inclusion in our special issue.

Get Ready to be Amazed!

Every year, we're astounded by the insightful and innovative predictions our contributors share. This year, we're more excited than ever to see what you envision for the future of app and software development. Don't miss your chance to be part of this groundbreaking issue.

Last year's predictions reached 12 million people.

Stay tuned for the release of our 8th Annual Predictions Issue and prepare to be inspired by the collective vision of the industry's best and brightest. Here's to shaping the future – one prediction at a time!

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