ChatGPT gains 1 million users within 5 days

Posted on Friday, December 23, 2022 by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

ChatGPT has gained over 1 million registered users in just 5 days, it became the fastest-growing tech platform ever. ChatGPT generates impressively detailed human-like written text and thoughtful prose, after being fed a text input prompt. In addition, ChatGPT also writes code. The Web3 community was intrigued, curious, and shocked by the power of this AI Chatbot.

Now #ChatGPT can write, scan and hack Smart Contracts, where do we go next? 

The ChatGPT AI code writer is a game changer for Web3 which can go two ways 

  • Near instant security audits of smart contracts, and code to find vulnerabilities & exploits (existing & prior to implementation).
  • On the flip side, bad actors can program AI to find vulnerabilities to exploit SC code. (thousands of existing SC could suddenly find themselves exposed)


The Naoris Protocol POV:

  • In the long term, this will be a net positive for the future of Web3 security
  • In the short term, AI will expose vulnerabilities that will need to be addressed as we could see a potential spike in breaches.
  • AI will illuminate where humans need to improve
  • Web3 developers and auditors will be in less demand. The future may look like this:
    • Devs will instruct, write and generate code using AI
    • Devs will read and criticize AIs output, learning patterns, looking for weak spots
  • Auditors will need to understand errors, mistakes, and code patterns
    • Auditors will need to learn the limitations of AI
  • AI will work in tandem with dev teams to strengthen future code and systems 
  • AI will be part of the development to production pipeline
  • For devs and auditors, It will be survival of the fittest
  • Only the best who can work with, instruct and evaluate AI, will survive
  • Dev teams will reduce in numbers with an AI on the team

For Web3 security (post-deployment)

Swarm AI will be used to scan in near real-time the status of Smart Contracts

Code will be monitored for anomalies, code injections, and hacks

The attack position is to find bugs and errors in the AI, instead of the code itself

This will improve Web3 smart contract security hugely ($3billion hacked in 2022 to date)

This will also impact the CISOs and IT team's ability to monitor in real-time

Security budgets will be reduced, cybersecurity teams will reduce in numbers

Only those who can work with and interpret AI will be in demand

AI is not a human being. It will miss basic preconceptions, knowledge, and subtleties that only humans see. It is a tool that will improve vulnerabilities that are coded in error by humans. It will seriously improve the quality of coding in Smart Contracts. But we can never 100% trust its output

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