Warning to app developers from dating app founder

Posted on Thursday, May 25, 2023 by FREEMAN LIGHTNER, Marketing Editor

Leading consensual non-monogamy (CNM) app 3Fun, is the victim of an attempted trademark infringement extortion plot that has included the temporary removal of the app from the iOS App Store. This unexpected disruption has greatly impacted 3Fun's business, as it loses new and current iOS users and risks losing its high ranking in the App Store.

The extortion plot scam was highly sophisticated: 3Fun is trademarked under its parent company, Sugar Life Co., Limited. At the end of March, the scammers created www.sugarglife.site, a fake domain, to defraud 3Fun, by contacting Apple and claiming trademark infringement. As well, an email address created under the fake domain in the name of 3Fun's attorney of record on its trademark certificate was also made. An email was sent from that account to 3Fun, claiming to help restore the app for a sizable fee. When 3Fun declined to negotiate, the impersonator attempted to defraud the company for a six-figure payout of $500,000.

3Fun, the non-monogamy dating app, temporarily removed from the iOS app store due to an attempted trademark infringement claim from scammers

The company is working diligently to connect with Apple to resolve this issue swiftly.

"While this disruption in service is frustrating, we are working with Apple's team to restore 3Fun on the App Store. In going public about this trademark infringement scam impacting 3Fun, I want to build awareness of the latest way that scammers are targeting businesses to defraud them. Business owners need to be in the know so they are better able to protect their companies from these types of extortion scams," says Max Ma, 3Fun's Founder, and CEO.

3Fun was released on the App Store in 2016 and currently has more than 10 million downloads, and over 3 million users worldwide who trust 3Fun for their CNM relationship needs. The app is a popular destination for users to connect with like-minded CNM individuals to explore their sexuality.

This issue has not impacted Android users and is available via the Google Play store. Current iOS users also aren't affected.

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