MongoDB 3.6 set to release in December 2017

Posted on Thursday, November 09, 2017 by Richard Harris

MongoDB Inc. announced the release of MongoDB 3.6, the latest release of their NoSQL database solution. According to the company, v3.6 of the solution will be made available in early December of 2017.

“MongoDB was created by developers, for developers to provide a modern database designed for today’s highly sophisticated applications. This latest release delivers key innovations that once again raise the bar for what developers should demand from their database, enabling them to focus their time on building compelling applications that transform their businesses,” said Dev Ittycheria, President and CEO, MongoDB. “With MongoDB 3.6, it’s now easier and faster to build always-on applications that react in real time to changes in data streamed across distributed systems. And with new and enhanced management and security features, developers get the freedom and confidence to run MongoDB in the most demanding environments to support mission-critical applications.”

Key MongoDB 3.6 advancements include:

  • Change Streams, which enable developers to build reactive web, mobile and IoT applications that can view, filter and act on data changes as they occur in the database. Whenever data is changed in MongoDB, the updates are automatically reflected in real time in the application. For example, a weather application that pulls from constantly changing datasets as the weather shifts would have previously required a developer to write application code that periodically polls the database for updates, limiting the application’s ability to provide an accurate, real-time user experience. Change streams automates that process, freeing up developer time for more important work while providing the best application experience.

  • Retryable Writes, which move the complexity of handling systems failures from the application to the database. Instead of developers having to implement custom, client-side code to handle network errors during updates, MongoDB automatically retries writes.

  • MongoDB Compass, which allows users to easily analyze and understand database schema, now includes query auto-complete, query history and table views. For users who are looking for other features, the new Compass Plugin. The Compass Community, which provides developers with a new, no-cost, GUI alternative to the MongoDB shell, supporting the latest functionality in the Compass family.

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