1/6/2016 12:25:42 PM
Windows Dev Center Updates Coding4Fun Coding Site
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Windows Dev Center Updates Coding4Fun Coding Site

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Windows Mobile Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Windows Dev Center team has relaunched Coding4Fun with new content for the Universal Windows Platform. Coding4Fun is a site within the Windows Dev Center that’s offers fun and interesting code samples that feature the APIs available on the Universal Windows Platform. The site offers different, unique, and time-saving capabilities as you noodle around the project based content. 

Coding4Fun includes complete source code provided under the MIT open-source license, and documentation on how to build the sample. Developers can build projects or simply run the sample to take a look at the build process. There are currently three projects posted with more in the pipeline that will offer a variety of project types ranging in complexity.

Here are the projects available now:


FaceTheremin provides an opportunity to create original music by moving your face (or multiple faces) to different positions in a camera’s view. The app uses face detection on a live video stream to trigger musical events by using new media API’s. FaceTheremin features the following APIs:

- FaceTracker: Detects faces in VideoFrame objects and tracks faces across subsequent video frames.

- AudioGraph class: Parent of all nodes that make up the graph.

- MediaCapture class: Provides functionality for capturing photos, audio, and videos from a capture device, such as a webcam.


MusicServer is a music streaming app designed to simultaneously play a single track on many Windows 10 machines. It contains code to run on both a publisher, which sends out the music, and a subscriber, which uses a virtual speaker to play it. MusicServer features the following APIs:

- Windows.Networking.Connectivity namespace: Retrieves connection profiles that provide connectivity, usage, and data plan information for established network connections. This data can be used by a connected application to take appropriate action when operating in challenging network scenarios or abiding by data plan limits set by a network provider.

- Windows.Networking.Sockets namespace: Provides sockets and WebSockets classes to use for network communications and classes for real-time network notifications received in the background for Windows Store apps.

- Windows.Storage.Streams namespace: Provides support for reading to and writing from sequential and random access streams.

- MediaPlayer class: Provides access to media playback functionality such as play, pause, fast-forward, rewind, and volume.


CardReader provides the ability to create new contacts by capturing Media Elements from a live camera. It extracts text using OCR and integrates it into the People app. CardReader features the following APIs:

- OcrEngine class:; Provides optical character recognition (OCR) functionality.

- DeviceInformation class: Allows access to well-known device properties as well as additional properties specified during device enumeration.

ContactManager class: Represents a service that source apps can call to access contact data.

Read more: https://dev.windows.com/en-us/projects

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