1. Window’s App Studio Beta Receives Enhancements
10/30/2013 8:54:13 PM
Window’s App Studio Beta Receives Enhancements
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Window’s App Studio Beta Receives Enhancements

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Window’s App Studio Beta Receives Enhancements

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Windows Mobile Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New upgrades to the Windows Phone App Studio Beta have been announced today on the Windows Dev blog.

The Windows Dev team haw made several enhancements including a new cache implementation, allowing developers to access dynamic data or RSS feeds even if the user’s phone is not connected. Microsoft has optimized Visual Studio projects to remove external references when they are not being used which reduces project size and complexity.

The new Fast Resume feature allows developers to set a default language for publication in the Windows Phone Store and a new FlipView which allows for easier navigation between items in data sources. Developer can also add Near Field Communication (NFC) to share apps with other App Studio Beta users.

Developers can now use actions to allow the integration of native phone functions into apps by creating a menu that users can use to choose options such as playing music, making calls and accessing other native apps without leaving a developer’s app. These actions can be dynamic or static and developers can choose in the bindings whether to display a button on the details page to execute the action.

The dev team has also made progress towards integrating third-party SDKs, including calls to the Windows Phone Ad SDK.

Check out all of the new features in the link below.

Read more: http://blogs.windows.com/windows_phone/b/wpdev/arc...