6/18/2018 9:06:34 AM
The first blockchain based smartphone coming to the US
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The first blockchain based smartphone coming to the US

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Blockchain Monday, June 18, 2018

An Android SIM Smartphone with a built-in blockchain-based monetary incentive program to be released on Blacture with the partnership of Pras Michel and Borqs Technologies.

An Android-based dual SIM smartphone developed by Pras Michel, in partnership with IoT device company Borqs Technologies, will be offered through a new tech platform, Blacture. The branded, 5.99 inch smartphone device - called MOTIF - will be available later in 2018 and exclusively on blacture.com. The phone features a blockchain-based platform that will be "the first of its kind in the United States."

MOTIF utilizes new hardware and software with a built-in monetary incentive program. Rewards accrue in a secure digital wallet, in the form of tokens. Tokens have a corresponding dollar value which can then be used for online or offline transactions via an included debit card.

“Everyone makes money off of mobile phone use except the actual user - we want to ensure they get something back,” says Pras Michel. He continues: “This is basically the first phone that rewards the users for their usage.”

Created in partnership with Alpesh H. Patel, the MOTIF smartphone (powered by a Qualcomm SD450 Octa-Core processor) will showcase multiple features such as a Gorilla glass screen, front panel fingerprint sensor, wireless charging and NFC capability.

The decision to partner with BORQS was an easy one for Blacture and Pras Michel. “We are confident BORQS will help us deliver a quality certified device proposition to our target audience,” says Michel.

“We are very pleased to be selected by Pras Michel to develop and commercialize the first smartphone MOTIF for the Blacture platform incorporating blockchain technology. Borqs has a proven record of enabling fast time to market devices with bleeding edge innovation that is high quality and certified for deployment on different carrier networks. Through this partnership, we not only bring to market a leadership product but enable a unique, user-empowering experience through the Blacture platform. We thank Pras Michel for this opportunity,” says George Thangadurai, EVP & President of International Business for Borqs Technologies.



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